Ishizawa Baking Soda Cleansing Milk 石泽研究所小苏打卸妆乳


Eye makeup & pores Cleanse off with milk!

“KEANA Baking Soda Cleansing Milk” gently and clearly washes away blackheads (*1) and makeup.
Baking soda (*2) containing milk will lift sebum and keratin clogged in pores and soften hard dead skin while moisturizing, thereby clearing the “strawberry pores” in the nose and chin and “orange pores” in the cheeks! Thick mascara and heavy eyeliner will be cleaned after washing the face! Moist hot spring water (*3) added.


Take moderate amount (pump 2 to 3 times), and thoroughly massage onto face or pores where required.
Can be used on wet hands or face.
After blending with debris and makeup, rinse well with water or lukewarm water.