ISDG 232 Refresh Enzyme 120 Tablets 医食同源清肠通便酵素30日

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排毒酵素-上厕所超有感(肚子不会痛的那种),主打能够分解肠道废物,软化并清除宿便帮助解决排便困扰,每一颗内含6000万个比飞德氏菌成分,是男生女生都很适合的一款,大家试后一致公认超级好用!!! 使用235种野菜+果物,在最古老的发酵方法「瓮」裡,天然发酵后.凝缩再萃取,製作过程繁複光是发酵时间。就需要大概八个月至一年的时间,也因为这样产量有限,日本超容易缺货!利用酵素可调整肠胃道功能,帮助脂肪燃烧却不会拉肚子造成肠胃不适。

ISDG 232 Refresh Enzyme is formulated with 232 types of raw vegetable enzymes! They get absorbed into your body gradually to combat any beauty, health, or diet issues that modern people may face. They are also fortified with bifidobacterium, which ensures that the intestine does not absorb any unnecessary material. While also relieving constipation, you will feel light and look refreshed. Using a massive 232 different types of enzymes, a new premium supplement was birthed. 232 different types of fruit and vegetable extracts, mushrooms, seaweeds, beans, and wildflowers have been balanced and put into an easy to take wellness supplement. Even contains the special Conbi-company’s Bifidobacterium BR-108 enzyme, for a more refreshed you, every day!
How to use
1) Take 2-4 per day with lukewarm water.
Health-promoting; Dieting; Nutrient-promoting; Beauty