ISDG 232 Night Diet Enzyme 120 Tablets医食同源夜间安睡酵素30日

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夜间酵素-加强胺基酸让你边睡边瘦,适合工作忙碌或常吃宵夜又怕胖,日本研发黄金比例,232种酵素与4种胺基酸的完美结合。以及添加安神萱草有利于睡眠活动,睡前补充加速燃烧体内多馀的脂肪,让你睡眠同时还可以健康轻鬆瘦。 使用234种野菜+果物,在最古老的发酵方法「瓮」裡,天然发酵后.凝缩再萃取,製作过程繁複光是发酵时间。就需要大概八个月至一年的时间,也因为这样产量有限,日本超容易缺货!利用酵素可调整肠胃道功能,帮助脂肪燃烧却不会拉肚子造成肠胃不适。

ISDG 232 Night Diet Enzyme is for anyone who unconsciously overeat at night. We tend to overeat from time to time, especially as a reward to our tired bodies after a long day. However, this is hard work for the enzymes within our bodies, and the fat burning process is unable to perform at full capacity. The Night Diet Enzyme has four types of Amino Acid, which acts as support for the enzymes, and help encourage the metabolic process while we sleep. Since the standard is to take 2-4 diet enzyme supplement pills every day, you can take the Basic supplement in the morning, and the Night Diet supplement at night, which might lead to better results!
How to use
1) Take 2-4 per day with lukewarm water.
Health-promoting; Dieting; Fat-burning