Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask Bamboo 悦诗风吟鲜萃面膜1片 - 竹子 补水舒缓

This refreshing water-type real mask, enriched with the abundant moisture of vitalising bamboo, leaves dry skin moisturised.

1. Perfect skin-fitting! Adherence BOOST!
A 100% natural sheet made of cellulose from eucalyptus tree is sturdier than other mask sheets and adheres to skin thinly and transparently to help deliver serum more effectively.
* The ‘Easy Peel Design’ that has a handle at the top of the sheet makes application and removal more convenient.

2. Filled with rich ingredients! Nourishment BOOST!
The ‘Cold Brew Squeeze Process’, which extracts ingredients slowly at low temperatures, ensures that the full nutrients are completely absorbed into the skin.

3. Each sheet filled with specific skin benefits! Skin health BOOST!
This sheet mask, which is ideal as a daily pack, has refreshing water-types (6 varieties), moisture-rich serum-types (6 varieties), and rich cream-types (6 varieties), each with different skin benefits.
* The icons on the package indicate different types of texture for more convenience.

4. Jeju green complex X Bamboo = Skin thirst quenching!
Thanks to innisfree's sincere dedication, Jeju green complex (green tea, tangerine, cactus, camellia leaves & orchid) and bamboo fully moisturise the skin.

100%纤维布膜 - 来自尤加利树的纤维布膜,薄透不易破损,紧密贴合肌肤,使精华液有效地渗透到肌肤底层
冷压萃取技术 - 在低温下缓慢萃取出原料中的有效成分,能保留更多的活性成分与营养
质地 -水感质地