Green Bell Two Gold Plated Tweezers G-2141 日本绿钟匠之技便携修眉镊子 (2个入)

  • $9.90
New Takumi No Waza stainless steel tweezers set Gold plated G-2141 F/S  Japan 4972525534789 | eBayTwo Gold Plated Tweezers G-2141GREEN BELL グリーンベル 匠の技 ステンレス製 毛抜きセット(ゴールド) G-2141(4972525534789)  :G-2141:charmbeauty - 通販 - Yahoo!ショッピング

Japanese Beauty Goods Craftsmanship stainless steel destination diagonal tweezers rubber grip Gold G-2140. It is oblique and fits into the skin line and is easy to pull out.