Fwee Powder Suede 丝绒柔焦定妆蜜粉 10.5g

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Why we love it

A fluffy powder for dewy, clean skin.
After the raving reviews of Powder Miniature Unnamed D, the Fwee Powder Suede version is officially here.
According to the reviews, the product doesn’t cake, doesn’t feel tight, stays put with a soft feeling, makes the skin look beautiful, the particles are small without clumping, gives a seamless makeup look.
Like young cotton, this is a cotton powder that expresses clean and soft skin texture.
From sunscreen to foundation, this is an all-base powder that goes well with any base with double-coated particles.
The combination of a cotton puff and superfine particles makes it an easy perfect powder that is better than a brush.
Built-in high-compressed puff gives maximum adhesion that is made with a strict technology that is usually difficult to use.
The increased number of ultrafine particle powder makes the product softer and it works perfectly with the soft cotton puff for a increased adhesion.
Fwee Cushion Suede combined to the Fwee Powder Suede maintains the makeup even in hot summers and oily skins.

Featured ingredients

Contains 8 types of hyaluronic acid which improves maintenance power without any cracking and a smooth hydration powder.
Contains double-coated particles that stays put on any base product by removing oil.
The golden blend of oil-absorbing spherical powders and oil-resistant plate powders create a product that blends effortlessly over any base.
You can easily and perfectly express your skin with a thin particle and compressed pump even without any technique.

How to use

Dry skin glowing makeup TIP
-Complete your glowing skin with Fwee cushion/foundation, partially supplemented by Few powder shade to adjust the glow expressed as desired and reduce worries about lasting power and mask smudging.
Foundation free makeup TIP
On days when you want to wear no make-up, even on those days when you've already applied sunscreen, try adding extra powder to experience a more breathable texture without excess sebum.

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