Fwee All-Twin Dual Liner 双头双色眼线胶笔 0.18g

  • $12.99
Why we love it

This product extends your eyebrows smoothly with a moody color scheme.
Achieve an extended eye look that enlarges in all directions with dual colors to the triangle zone, from the front of the eyes.
Expand the eyes with this dual liner.
Create high-quality eye expansion makeup starting from color to form with attention to detail.
With eyes expanded in all directions, you can achieve twice the size of your eyes.
Complete the tone-on-tone line with a shadow color that matches your tone exactly.
This product has been enhanced with quality through perfect fixing eyeliner, easy-blending extension liner, and detailed formula differences.
It produces a seamless expansion of the eyes with an easy blending type without clumping.
Extend your eyes from eyeline to contour, tone-on-tone line completion with a contour with a lower shade that matches your skin tone, allowing for precise and delicate touches on the eye with a slim thickness of 2MM from eyeliner to shading.
Double the size of your eyes, looking around with your eyeliner, as well as your underlines and backstrokes.
Delicately adjusted colors produce seamless eye-enlarging makeup.
The difference will vary with the perfect fixing eyeliner, easy-blending eye extension trimmer, and detail difference.
This is a waterproof product that doesn’t smudge in water and sweat.

Featured ingredients

Smoothly applies with a soft touch and lasts without blurring with a sure adhesion, with two types of waterproof formulas that do not blur even after being soaked in water after fixing.

How to use

1. Draw the eyeliner along the eyes while filling between the waterlines or eyelashes and pulling out the tail along the eye.
2. Create an extended eye look by building from the inside of the waterline to color in the front area.
3. Lightly sweep just below the underlash and draw the underline to add depth.
4. Create an extended eye look by easily filling in the lower part of the triangle zone.

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