Fwee 3D Voluming gloss 3D水光镜面水润保湿唇釉 30% 5.3g

  • $14.99
Why we love it

3rd generation lip gloss without any stickiness provides volumizing effect and comfortable feeling of use.
Provides instant volumizing glow and lip tuning effect.
Provides 3D volumizing when compared to any other glowing tints.
Provides 30% of clear and pure shade and 70% vivid sugar syrup texture.
Provides plumping lips without wrinkles.
The extra glowing texture maximized glowing effect to provide 3D volume that removes fine wrinkles on lips.
Apply 30% for pure look and 70% for unique mood together with 3D glow.
The dense and thick high molecular gel creates a clear coating layer to provide long-lasting pretty volume.

Featured ingredients

Contains volufiline and shine oil complex for advanced volume.
The high molecular polymer creates a clear coating layer on lips for extra gel glow, while ultra hydrating oil reflects light to realize maximum volumizing effect through moisture holding film that inhibits moisture loss from lip surface.

How to use

Use the tip to gently apply the content on lips.
Vanilla: Provides relaxing mood
Sorbet: Provides sunshine and happy mood
Candy: Provides blushing cheeks for the first date
Aengdu: Intense red shade
Currant: Provides late-night mood
Scotch: Mlbb rose shade on old clothes

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