Fancl Moisturizing Mask 6pc 盈润细致精华面膜6片/盒

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FANCL芳珂盈润细致保湿面膜18ml 6片/盒
为肌肤提供补湿和美肌营养,能渗透到肌肤深层,迅速提升的滋养度;及时为肌肤补充大量补湿精华,能即时令肌肤重现水嫩饱满状态; 改善深层干燥,高效补湿,防御肌肤因水分流失而受刺激;持续使用,肌肤修护效果更快更显著。


Fancl Moisturizing Mask is a cotten hydrating face mask soaks the skin with Fresh Royal Jelly Extract and Raffinose to instantly deliver, boost, and retain moisture for smooth and supple skin and is designed to address uneven skin tone, dryness, large pores, and oiliness. 
How to use
1) After cleansing routine, apply toner.
2) Open face mask package, unfold and carefully adjust mask to face. 
3) Remove mask sheet after 10-20 minutes.
4) Gently massage remaining contents into skin.
No need to wash off.
Recommended for use 1-2 times a week.
6 pieces
Moisturizing; Elastic