EZN Pudding Hair Color 6.1 Latte Beige 布丁染发膏-拿铁浅棕

  • Water to Gel System! Pudding can do more than what you believe!
    Now, easy and clear coloring is possible with this groundbreaking, innovative method! Through smooth gel-type cream, it offers vivid and full coloring effects by delivering hydrolyzed silk, hydrolyzed keratin and hydrolyzed collagen to continually provide luster & sheen. Simply stated, color effortlessly with pudding!!
  • Quick & Easy DIY Hair Dye Kit Included: Ear Cap, EZN Hair treatment, Disposable gloves & gown, manual
  • Ammonia Free, No Odor
  • Keratin is infused inside to help care for your hair.
  • Made in Korea / Made by Pharmaceutical Company
*Read instructions carefully before use
*Never use the product if you have developed a rash or reaction from using any hair color products
*Always check for allergy reaction by patch testing prior to use.
布丁染发膏 - 拿铁浅棕