Etude House Drawing Eye Brow 爱丽小屋双头自动带刷眉笔

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3 Pcs Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Brush & Pencil Liner 0.25g ...

Precise hair-like strokes to achieve the most natural looking eyebrows.
Precise application: Designed with a triangle shape, the angle allows you to create sharp, hair-like strokes.
Smooth application: Vitamin E is contained to deliver moisturization and smooth application for you to create your desired eyebrow shape.
Natural color: Its high temperature resistant capability features consistent application that will always have your eyebrows looking natural.
Natural eyebrows: With the right amount of pigment and base, it applies with a light color payoff so that you can apply several times to achieve natural looking eyebrows.
Drawing Eye Brow
Drawing Eye Brow #1 Dark Brown
Point 01POINT 02POINT 03POINT 04
drawing eye brow
How to Use
1) Using the angle of the tip, fill in the brows with hair-like strokes to create the brow shape you want.
2) Using the brush end, brush out for a natural look
3) Thickly: Apply the wide side of the tip from the front of the eyebrows until the end of the wide part and gently draw the peak point
Thinly: Use the thin side of the pencil tip to draw your eyebrows from the peak point to the tail