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[Product Efficacy] Hot spring ingredients (sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate) and carbon dioxide enhance the effect of hot water baths, soothe the body and mind, relieve shoulder pain, low back pain, cold symptoms and beautify skin.

"The role of carbonated bath salt"

◆Carbonated bubbles have strong adsorption power to clean the skin and improve the brightness of the skin.

◆Carbonated bubbles can effectively soften skin

◆Contains a lot of carbon dioxide, which can effectively promote circulation

◆Compared with ordinary shower gel, it has stronger penetrating power and deeply cleans the skin.

◆Effervescent carbonic acid containing a large amount of carbon dioxide effectively maintains the water temperature.


[How to use] Store about 200L of warm water in a bathtub, pour 1 sachet of this product into the water and stir, and you can soak in the bath after dissolving