Dentalpro Black Toothbrush C42 美白+超极细毛黑牙刷(C42) 颜色随机

  • $5.99

♥ 特殊三角形結構刷毛,有效去除牙齒上的茶漬、咖啡漬等

♥ 中間凹形部分,用於去除細小污垢

♥ 黑色特殊PCC極細刷毛(白金/陶瓷/膠成分),能深入牙周隙縫清潔汙垢

♥ 耐熱:80度

Whitens while cleaning between teeth.
1. Use the black bristles to clean plaque from between teeth.
2.The concave brush shape aids in ridding of minute particles acting as an eraser.
3. Pyramid shaped bristles designed to effectively remove stains.

Toothbrush found to remove stains 1.4 times more effectively than ordinary nylon bristles.

Brush Softness: Medium
Color: Blue, Green, Pink, Orange
Toothbrush color will be selected for customer by shipper.
Handle: Body-Polypro;ylene, Rubber portion - SBC
Bristles: Saturated polyester resin
Brush Hardness: Medium
Heat-resistant to: 176 degrees