DentalPro Brush B32 牙师傅 高密集尖头+超极细毛黑色大刷头牙刷(B32)

  • $5.99


Toothbrush which is made to help in molar care & prevents periodontal disease

yes High-density bristle: "Tuft Brush" effect (section brushing) with high-density bristle tip at the top. Effectively reach at molar's difficult brushing area.

yes Ultra Slim Bristle: Scoop out at plaque which gathered in periodontal pocker.

yes Plaque removal effect with just water only: Special black bristle which contains platinum colloid ceramics (PCC) that is excellent in use for plaque removal action.

yes Big head:Onetime brushing in every short time at the same time remove plaque effectively.

yes Fit handle: Handle designed to be easy griping, at the same time lighten the weight.

enlightenedFutsuu (Japanese) = Soft (English)