Cosme Decorte AQ Meliority Cleansing Cream 黛珂精致按摩卸妆膏

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{Brand Story} COSMEDECORTE was born in 1970, a first-line brand in the KOSE Group in Japan, created by the founder of KOSE, Mr. Kosaburo Kobayashi. COSMEDECORTE, this beautiful name comes from French cosmetique and decoration, which means "Medal of Beauty".

{Recommendation} With a variety of carefully selected ingredients, even the rough skin can be softened, while removing makeup, it helps the skin restore its original moisturization and guide the skin to become more resistant.

{Product Details}This cleansing cream surrounds the skin with a gentle and moist touch. Make-up and dirt can be easily dissolved and removed to achieve a radiant skin texture. It is luxuriously added with five peptides (moisturizing) and emollient ingredients, rich and rich creamy texture and smooth extensibility to the touch, the cleansing cream is fully integrated with makeup, dirt, etc. After the matrix turns into a block, it can be wiped and removed.

{feeling of using} The texture is cream, very light, very gentle and smooth, and it has good spreadability, about the size of a cherry, it can be applied to the whole face. Massage the skin while removing makeup. With a circular motion, the makeup is easily melted, even the eye makeup can be easily removed. When the makeup is removed, the skin complexion becomes brighter, and it is very smooth and moisturized, and the gloss is superb. The skin seems to have been taken care of!

{How to use} Please take a cherry-sized amount and distribute it on the forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, etc., to fully blend the makeup and dirt on the face, extend it to the entire face, and then rinse