Dariya Palty Hair Bleach for Roots 发根专用漂发剂

  • $10.99

A complete hair coloring kit that expertly treats roots to keep hair color wonderfully even and prevent that unattractive two-toned look. Formulated with camellia oil, silicon and botanical protein to keep hair soft, shiny and protected from further damage caused by constant styling. Be sure to strictly follow the enclosed instruction manual for optimum hair coloring results. 

* Please read the precautions carefully and use the product correctly. To date, rashes and urticaria have occurred in products containing persulfate (ammonium persulfate, potassium persulfate, sodium persulfate) (such as bleach) Do not use if you have experienced (itchiness, rash, redness) or feeling unwell (breathing, dizziness, etc.). If you experience any abnormalities during use, immediately wash off the medication and see a doctor immediately.

DARIYA Palty天然染发根修复头发脱色剂80g