D-UP Wonder Eyelid Tape Point Blue 双面局部双眼皮贴

  • $13.90
DUP 日本双眼皮贴超隐形纤维条 双面局部贴180枚

Eyelid Tape Size:120 Pieces. Soft and gentle on skin with double sided.

How to Use

1) Pull the eyelid upward and place the tape right below the ideal double eyelid line.

2) Keep lifting the eyelid up and push in the tape using the head of V-stick.

3) Slowly release the finger that is lifting the eyelid to cover the tape and fit in.

Slowly let go of the V-stick to finish.

How to Remove
1) Apply makeup remover over the tape.

2) Pull the crease and lift the tape.

3) Gently peel off from the corner.

Finish: Remove remaining glue on the eyelid with makeup remover.