Create Ion Iron Grace Straight 负离子黄金直发棒

  • $61.99
Create Ion Iron Grace Straight gives hair incredible radiance, and allows the flat iron to slide down smoothly through the hair. With a slim, tapered design, you can easily style your hair, even around those hard-to-read places, such as the hairline and nape area. Temperature is adjustable in the increments of 20C between 120C and 200C.
How to use
1) Start with clean, dry hair. Run a comb through hair, removing any knots and tangles.
2) Plut into a copatible main socket and press the ON/OFF button to turn the appliance on.
3) Set desired temperature depending on your hair type. *We recommend a setting lower than 160C for fine and thin hair.
4) Separate hair into sections, securing hair with clips. Grasp 2 inches of hair mid-shaft. Place flat iron as close to the roots of the section as possible without burning yourself. Do not attempt to iron a large amount of hair at one time. It won't be as effective.
5) Clamp the iron down. The sides touch and your hair rests between.
6) Repeat the same steps until you get your desired hairstyle. Do not hold the iron on the same spot of hair more than 3 seconds. It may not be possible to straighten very course hair. 

Always begin using the iron at the lowest temperature setting and raise the setting only as needed depending on your hair type and style. If you are unfamiliar with the use of this appliance, practice the basic motions with the iron switched off and unplugged. Once you become familiarized and comfortable with the use of this appliance, you may start at the lowest temperature setting and gradually increase as necessary. Never stop the appliance midway through. Always keep it in motion.

Create ion负离子黄金直发棒