Country & Stream Natural Honey UV Lip Cream 天然蜂蜜保湿防晒润唇膏 SPF20 PA++

  • $7.90


SPF20 ・PA++ 是一款从紫外线和干燥中保护敏感嘴唇的防晒保湿蜂蜜润唇膏。配合了蜂蜜等7种保湿成分,赋予唇部满满滋润,实现柔滑双唇。
- 植物源性角鲨烷:让双唇如丝滑般光滑
- 蜂王浆精华:营造出丰满的嘟嘟唇
- 玫瑰果籽油及橄榄油:具有持久保湿功能

- Country and Stream Naturel honey lip make your lips shiny & healthy.
- Protects your lips from dryness and UV damages Honey sunscreen for lips
- Presents dullness the skin on your lips is very thin. so dryness and ultraviolet rays can cause them to look dull, meticulous care before this damage occurs will keep. your lips plump and free from dullness
- Contains seven moisturizing ingredients for your lips
- Honey, royal jelly extract, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, rosehip oil, olive, plant-derived squalane.
- Also perfect on the slopes, when skiing or snowboarding.