Country & Stream Beauty Skin Prismaker B 美肌光亮打底霜

  • $18.90
Country & Stream  Beauty Skin Prismaker B Cleans the skin with light on your side. Moisture highlighter that can be used for multiple Creates beautiful skin with the help of light. A moist texture highlighter that can be used for multiple purposes. Creates a natural luster with a single coat and a wet luster by layering. Recommended for those who do not want to look shiny and want a natural luster! It creates a beautiful, transparent skin that collects light. The secret that doesn't look shiny.
How to Use
Apply the product evenly on your face using a brush or your fingers.

【5合1全能配方 化出自然光感妝】Country & Stream推出的Beauty Skin Prismaker美肌光亮底霜,是提亮肌膚的美妝神品!多功能美肌效果的全能提亮粉末,1次過滿足你五大美妝需求:

1. 打亮肌膚:運用多層閃亮效果令肌膚回復光澤,隨你想要的光亮度而搽上
2. 眼影底霜:舒適水潤質感,可以用作眼影底霜
3. 眼影:化出最佳自然眼影效果
4. 去黯啞遮瑕霜:自然遮瑕度,令肌膚呈現無瑕效果
5. 胭脂底霜:搽於較乾燥的雙頰位置,令胭紅變得更透亮

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