Colours Argelan Moist Clear Cleansing Oil 松本清有机植物护肤 艳肌卸妆油

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[商品名称] 松本清ARGELAN 有机植物 艳肌卸妆油 150ml







[Brand] Argelan

[Product name] ARGELAN Organic Botanical Cleansing Oil 150ml

[Specifications] 150ml/bottle

[Place of Origin] Japan

[Product desciption]

Organic cleansing oil, heavy makeup can be easily removed. It can also reduce the dullness of the skin and the skin will be smooth and bright after washing. Use it with other products in the ARGELAN organic plant skin care series for better results!


Squeeze 2~3 pumps on dry hands, apply evenly to the face, massage, and rinse thoroughly with water.