Colours Argelan Moist Clear Cleansing Milk 松本清有机植物护肤 柔肌卸妆乳

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[商品名称] 松本清ARGELAN 有机植物 柔肌卸妆乳 150g




有机卸妆乳,温和卸妆,守住肌肤水分。还可以减少由旧的角质层引起的皮肤暗沉,使您的皮肤柔软透亮。搭配ARGELAN 有机植物护肤系列其他产品一起使用,效果更佳!



[Brand] Argelan

[Product Name] ARGELAN Organic Plant Softening Cleansing Milk 150g

[Specifications] 150g/piece

[Place of Origin] Japan

[Product desciption]

Organic cleansing milk, gently removes makeup, keeping skin moisture. It can also reduce the dullness of the skin and make your skin soft and bright. Use it with other products in the ARGELAN organic plant skin care series for better results!


Take the size of cherries on dry hands, apply evenly to the face, massage, and rinse thoroughly with water.