Cogit Cassa Gua Sha Lift Plate 寇吉特小顏陶瓷刮痧板

  • $20.99
Cogit Cassa Lift Plate is a face-lifting massager or acupressure treatment that is made of horns and natural stones to scrape and stimulate blood circulation and better metabolism. This is a perfect solution for sagging or loose skin, individuals who want firmer skin and a comfortable facial massage. This ceramic cassa massage scraper is infused with rose quartz with a triple-curve design that gently adheres to the face's contours. 
How to use
1) Cleanse and tone your face first, then apply facial oil or cream before massaging.
2) Repeately massage your jawline using section A about 5 times.
3) Gently draw spirals with section A all over your face, 1-2 times.
4) Lift your skin with section B by gently sweeping upward 2-3 times.
Using your fingertip, check for any bumps or cracks before use. Do not use on wounds or areas of skin irritation. Donot use on eyelids.