Club Suppin Pressed Powder Pastel Rose 素颜美肌晚安蜜粉饼 (玫瑰香)

The fine powder makes the skin soft and veil-free and makes the color unevenness and pores inconspicuous. It's a skincare formula so you don't have to wash it off! With whitening care for 24 hours, it will make you look beautiful. A powder coated with moisturizing ingredients (hyaluronic acid and water-soluble collagen solution) protects the skin's moisture. Plant extract / moisturizing ingredients (Neubara fruit extract, aloe vera leaf extract, tea leaf extract), and bilberry leaf extract keep your skin moist. Filter components (Arge extract (seaweed extract), Scutellaria extract) protect your skin from cigarette smoke, dust and harmful substances in the atmosphere.
How to Use
1.After conditioning your skin, add an appropriate amount of powder to the puff and gently pat the skin. If you use SUPPIN Whitening Cream together, the transparency will be improved.