Canmake Marshmallow Finish Base 棉花糖透亮美肌妆前乳

  • $10.99
CANMAKE TOKYO Marshmallow Finish Base 20mL SPF27 PA++
Moisture Matte Ocher /Oil Control Matte Ocher
Creates marshmallow-soft, supremely touchable matte skin with superb elasticity.
Contains Double Soft-focus Powder to make pores less noticeable, smoothing out uneven skin texture.
Offers outstanding coverage to conceal skin concerns, despite its lightweight texture. Glides on easily - a small dab covers your whole face
The velvety-smooth texture glides on easily,  a small amount is enough to cover your whole face. Choose the formula that best suits your skin type.
If your make-up tends to run due to oily skin, we recommend the Oil Block formula, which contains ingredients that control sebum! Choose the base that best suits your skin type to maintain beautiful matte skin for hours and hours. Features of the Oil Block formula contains 2 oil-blocking agents Zinc oxide, silica

CANMAKE 井田棉花糖透亮美肌妆前乳