Canmake Lip Tint Syrup 03 Azalea 蜜糖水吻唇蜜 03桃红


1. 变色唇彩、配色多样。渐变色唇彩,颜色多样又不失美感。适合日常淡妆及追求妆感多变的MM。
2. 深层滋养一整天。蕴含花蜜精华,持久深层滋润,双唇如水般滋润。
3. 持久靓丽、不脱妆。持久度很高,不脱妆。闪闪显色,唇部水盈丰满。
4. 防晒系数 SPF15・PA+

【Product Introduction】
The dry-textured syrup lip gloss effect breaks the sticky and uncomfortable texture of ordinary lip gloss. A few minutes after application, the lips will naturally transform into a lip color tone, just as the lip skin naturally reveals a gradual rosy feeling. With the temperature of the lips, different colors are produced, the gradient is natural without losing the sense of beauty, the color is very natural and pink, and the color is suitable for daily light makeup. Long-lasting moisturizing and non-greasy, strong makeup holding power, not easy to fade. Even after you eat or drink, the lip gloss can still be outstanding and will not disappear.

1. Color-changing lip gloss and various colors. Gradient color lip gloss, various colors without losing beauty. It is suitable for daily light makeup and those who pursues changeable makeup.
2. Deeply nourish all day long. Contains nectar essence, long-lasting deep moisturizing, and lips are moisturized like water.
3.Very long lasting and does not smudge. The color is shining and the lips are plump.
4. Sun protection factor SPF15・PA+