Canmake Lip Tint Matte 03 Rose 丝绒哑光唇釉 03玫瑰红

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1. 显色度高的哑光唇妆。顺滑的唇彩可以均匀紧贴双唇,显色度高,一抹即可实现亮丽色彩。质感丝滑不粘腻,不易脱妆晕染。速干型唇彩,不用担心会沾污头发或衣服。
2. 减少一般哑光唇妆会出现的干唇外观。一般的哑光唇妆都容易卡纹,不够饱满,这款唇彩蕴含10种滋润因子,滋润保湿,为唇部提供水分,可以减少哑光效果带来的干燥感。
3. 能运用不同的量来营造出全哑光或半哑光的唇彩效果。厚涂满全个唇部后,可以完成全哑光效果。涂少许于唇部,可以完成半哑光效果。

01 珊瑚色:元气少女感
02 红色:跳跃可爱的红色
03 玫瑰色:温柔日常的豆沙色
04 砖红色:成熟气质感

【Product Introduction】
CANMAKE Matte Silky Lip Gloss~ Silky matte, long-lasting color. The colors create charming lips with full color. The smooth liquid blends tightly with the lip skin, giving off a vivid color. Containing a variety of moisturizing factors, the lipstick and lip gloss are 2 in one, showing color and moisturizing.

【Feature of product】
1. Matte lip makeup. The smooth lip gloss can evenly adhere to the lips. The texture is silky and non-sticky, not easy to smudge. Quick-drying lip gloss, don’t worry about staining your hair or clothes.
2. Reduce the appearance of dry lips that can occur with normal matte lip makeup. This lip gloss contains 10 moisturizing factors, moisturizes and provides moisture to the lips, which can reduce the dryness caused by the matte effect.
3. Can use different amounts to create a full matte or semi-matte lip gloss effect. After thickly coating the entire lip, a full matte effect can be achieved. Apply a small amount to lips for a semi-matte finish.

4 colors available
01 Coral 
02 Red
03 Rose
04 Brick Red