Canmake Glow Twin Color 04 Cherry Blossom Lavender 双色眼影#04樱花薰衣草

  • $11.99
Canmake  Glow Twin Color 04 Cherry Blossom Lavender color. An eyeshadow with high-luminosity pearl particles that make your eyelids look brighter, correcting irregularities in skin tone and giving you added radiance. Tone-up base: A base color that clears under-eye bags and dullness, making your eyes look clearer and more beautiful. For a clear, sophisticated radiance! Apply to the whole of your eyelid, either on its own or under another color. Moisturizing highlighter: A highlighter that adds the brightness and sparkle of stardust to the inner corner of your eyes, the area under your brows and the under-eye area. Use over another color for extra dazzling eyes!
How to use
Apply it on your eyelids and blend it out.
Canmake 井田双效闪耀双色眼影#04樱花薰衣草