Canmake Color Change Eyebrow 日本canmake染眉膏

  • $8.49
This is perfect for when you want to change your look with a subtle hint of color. The translucent fluid subtly alters the shade of your eyebrows without covering up the brow color below. It contains ultra-fine pearl for understated elegance, adding definition to your brows.
1) It matches your eyebrow color to your hair color, preventing your eyebrows standing out unnaturally and ensuring that your make-up looks well-balanced.
2) It makes your skin look lighter and more translucent, creating a gentler impression.
3) It tames your eyebrows, keeping them looking neat and tidy.
How to Use
Apply a layer on your eyebrow, then let it dry.

Canmake Japan Color Change Liquid Eyebrow Mascara - New Color Updated