Canmake Clear Mascara Coat 01透明光泽睫毛膏

  • $9.49
雙重功能的透明睫毛液, 可以提昇睫毛光亮及鬈曲度, 持久卷翘,防油防水不脱妝! 要用眼唇專用卸妝,才能徹底卸乾淨
品 名: 透明光澤睫毛膏
色 號: 01
產 地: 日本
保存期限: 未開封妥善保存五年效期 美妝開封後請一年內用完 

注意事項: 使用後若有不適請即刻停止使用,並請教專業醫生。 請勿置於高溫、潮濕以及陽光直射處。 為私人消耗性產品,一經拆封使用,恕無法退貨。

The dual-function transparent mascara can enhance the brilliance and curl of the eyelashes, long-lasting curling, oil-proof and waterproof! You need to use special eye and lip makeup remover to remove it completely
Product name: Canmake Clear Mascara Coat
Color number: 01
Place of Origin: Japan
Shelf life: Unopened and properly stored for five years. After the cosmetics is opened, please use it up within one year.

Note: If you feel unwell after use, please stop using it immediately and consult a professional doctor. Do not place it in high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight. It is a private consumable product. Once opened and used, it cannot be returned.