BULK HOMME The Toner 日本本客 Bulk Homme男士专用爽肤水 控油祛痘补水保湿

  • $31.99

THE TONER maintains your skin’s optimum hydration balance, keeping moisture in without leaving a sticky residue behind. THE TONER’s hydrating and beautifying agents penetrate every corner of the skin, imbuing it with awe-inducing moisture, while its delicate formulation soothes skin even after shaving.​

How to use?

For use after THE FACE WASH. Pour a small amount into your palm, then pat onto your face. Apply generously to areas prone to dryness.​


1. Gently rub into face using light motions.

2. Take care to apply extra product to areas that are prone to dryness, such as around the eyes and mouth.

3. Massage into skin until mostly dry and hands run smoothly across the face.