BULK HOMME The Scalp Serum 日本本客BulkHomme 男士头皮精华 头皮护理

  • $25.99

THE SCALP SERUM lets you aim for a healthy scalp as part of your skincare routine: the skin on your scalp is just as important and vulnerable as the skin on your face. With a formulation that is over 90% collagen, THE SCALP TREATMENT penetrates the scalp to moisturize and encourage hair growth.

How to use?

For use after bathing. Dry your hair with a towel, pump 8 to 10 times directly and evenly onto your scalp, and then massage. Use before blow-drying for best results.


1. After bathing, dry hair using a towel and apply directly to scalp.

2. Using fingertips, distribute product evenly across scalp. Using gentle, circular motions, massage scalp until product is fully absorbed.

3. Use before blow-drying hair to prevent dry scalp.