BCL Saborino Treatment In Shampoo Moist 5合1懒人洗发水 (滋润型)

Saborino推出的懒人洗发水集头皮护理,洗发露,修复发膜,护发素,速干功能于一体。 给与头发清爽,湿润的感觉而不油腻。洗发露中添加了头皮洗净成分,氨基酸洗净成分。能有效去除头皮污垢的同时,能抑制头皮屑,保护头皮健康。 洗完后就能拥有淡淡的红石榴清香,感觉头皮都在呼吸非常清爽。无论早上还是晚上洗头,短时间就能护理头发只需要60秒~赶紧入手吧!改善毛发粗糙,滋养保湿秀发。

BCL Saborino Treatment In Shampoo Moist is a 5 in 1 shampoo that allows scalp care and hair treatment just by 1 step. 
This easy to use product promotes a frizz-free, manageable hair with a silky finish, containing cleansing components to remove dirt from the scalp, as well as a skincare component to prevent odor and maintain the scalp in a healthy condition. With ingredients that promote shiny hair, it repairs the hair from within and improves the cuticle conditions.