BCL Saborino Morning Face Mask Fresh 早晨免洗早安面膜 32pcs

  • $13.99
Face wash + skin care + moisturizing effect
As long as this mask is used, everything will be fine!
It only takes 60 seconds to make maintenance easy even in busy mornings.

The all-in-one facial mask "Saborino" that doesn't require face washing has been updated!
It adopts "waterproof membrane formula" to transport the essence ingredients to the stratum corneum of the skin faster and more firmly.
This mask provides simpler, shorter and more thorough treatment.
Contains moisturizing ingredients inspired by 22-year-old skin (*1) for ideal moisture and sebum balance.
Just leave the mask on your skin for about 1 minute (approximate amount to use) to tighten and moisturize your skin, effectively targeting aging skin.
Contains ingredients that enhance the wiping effect (*2) to remove excess sebum from your skin when you wake up, leaving your skin feeling refreshed!
Contains two types of vitamin C (*3) to keep skin healthy.
This product uses organic (*4) and upcycled (*5) raw materials to create a sustainable environment.
Refreshing style with mint and grapefruit scent. ***

〇After opening, please discard the transparent sheet and inner cap and use it as soon as possible.
〇To prevent the contents from drying out or deteriorating, please keep the lid tightly closed after use.
〇After opening, please store with the lid facing up.
〇For hygiene reasons, please do not reuse the used mask.
〇The mask is not soluble in water, do not flush it down the sink or flush the toilet.
〇Avoid use around eyes and lips.
〇Do not use on wounds, swelling, eczema and other abnormal areas.
〇Please be careful when using this product to ensure that there are no abnormalities on your skin.
〇If any abnormality such as redness, swelling, itching, irritation, discoloration (white spots, etc.) or darkening occurs during use, please stop using it. Continued use may worsen the condition.
〇Keep out of reach of children.
〇Do not store in extremely hot or cold places or places exposed to direct sunlight.
〇Please be careful not to let the contents enter your eyes. If it gets into your eyes, wash immediately without rubbing. If you still have a foreign body sensation in your eye, consult an ophthalmologist.

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