BCL Saborino Morning Face Mask Whitening Kiwifruit Yogurt 28 Sheets 奇异果酸奶美白早安面膜


BCL Saborino Morning Face Mask gives a 3 in 1 performance in cleansing, skincare and primer with whitening. It contains 10 different moisture ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, honey, peppermint extract, kiwi extract, cucumber fruit extract, yogurt, peach juice, grapefruit peel oil, aloe vera leaf extract, collagen and other fruity essences. 
How to use
1) In the morning, open face mask package, unfold and carefully adjust mask to face. 
2) Remove mask sheet after 10-20 minutes.
3) Gently massage remaining contents into skin.
28 pieces
Cleansing; Skincare; Primer; Whitening