BCL Cleansing Research Wash Clear AHA柔肤保湿洗面奶120g

  • $13.99
BCL Cleansing Research Wash Clear is a mineral clay that renews the skin with rich moisture. This is a 4 in 1 face wash with makeup remover, face wash, dead skin care and highly moisturizer.
How to use
1) Apply cherry size amount on the palm, lather well and cleanse the face with the foam.
2) Rinse thoroughly.
Recommended use for day and night if you have oily skin.

BCL AHA柔肤保湿洗面奶120g
BCL AHA 苹果洗面奶(滋润型) _ BCL日本AHA果酸洗面奶苹果柔肤酵素角质护理高保湿滋润洁面乳120g_阿里巴巴找货神器