BCL Browlash Strong Pencil+Powder Natural Brown 日本BCL双头眉笔+眉粉自然棕

  • $13.99
With pencil and liquid combination technique, you can draw beautiful eyebrows as desired. Water resistant polymer finish, water proof type strong against sweat, water and sebum. The special part about this pencil and powder is that it has two heads and one for the inner eyebrow and the other head is for the outer eyebrow. The powder tip of BCL Brow-lash Ex Water Strong Liner is well-pointed and allows you to draw a define line on your eyelids easily without any hassle or untidiness. Perfectly great for makeup beginners.

How to Use
1. Use the eyebrow pencil to fill the gap and refine the shape. 
2. Apply the eyebrow mascara to enhance 3D effect and brush the eyebrows.