BbLab Moist Skin Washing Foam 日本bblab水凝亮肌洗面奶

  • $42.99
BbLab Moist Skin Washing Foam is an effective cleansing and anti-inflammatory agent. This non-sticky cleanser glide effortless across the skin and thoroughly removes dirt and makeup. It gently removes oil and dust, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, stimulates regenerative processes, smooths wrinkles and evens complexion, reduces pigmentation, improves blood flow, softens and protects against ultraviolet radiation and oxidative stress.
How to use
1) Apply cherry size amount on the palm, lather well and cleanse the face with the foam.
2) Rinse thoroughly.
Recommended use for day and night if you have oily skin.
Bb LABORATORIES 水凝亮肌泡沫洗面奶100g