Atex Lourdes Meme Hot Charge Eye Mask 猫咪加热助眠眼罩

  • $58.99
Atex Lourdes Meme Hot Charge Eye Mask is a hot charge eye mask with stain striped fabric for a sense of luxury. The fabric on the inside absorbs the moisture in the air, turning it into a cotton material that can maintain a surface humidity of up to 88%, and its moisturizing effect has also increased. With a built-in electric heater, the maximum temperature is 43.5°C, keeping the eyes clean with gentle warmth and moisture.
How to use
  • Cordless use is possible with built-in lithium battery. It is convenient to carry on the go.
  • USB charging: You can charge from USB power supplies such as PC or mobile battery.
  • Auto off timer that stops automatically in about 10 minutes. Use before sleep is safe.
  • Carrying case included, safe to carry around.
Moisturizing; Stress-relieving; Sleeping-aid