Ashirira Sheet Men 2PC 树之惠男士专用足贴单对

  • $3.29

Ashirira Sheet Men helps to relax tired, swollen, and heavy feet during night! Contains bamboo sap for absorbing liquid and helping releasing swollen feet, its bamboo extract has antiseptic and antibacterial effect. The color of the sheets turns out to brown as it absorbs water from your feet. After using Ashirira sheets at night you will wake up with totally refreshing feet next morning! This one is with eucalyptus and peppermint, which is refreshing and also has deodorant effect. 
How to use
1) Attach bamboo sap sheet with fixing sticker sheet.
2) Apply it on the bottom of your feet.
3) Peel it off in the morning.
Anti-swollen; Anti-toxins; Cooling