AMUSE Dew Power Vegan Cushion 24小时持久半水光奶油肌纯素气垫SPF50+ PA++++

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Vegan cushion is enriched with 60% essence to nourish skin while offering natural-looking coverage with a dewy finish. It contains cica extract to soothe skin and eight types of peptide to improve skin elasticity. Water mint extract in the mix offers a cooling effect. Fitted with SPF50 PA++++ to provide sun protection.

Flawless & Dewy Skin
Moist 60% Essence Cream Cushion, which takes care of the skin, makes a healthy, clear glow and smooth, elastic skin texture with a triple layer of glow-adhesion-coating.

24 hours power lasting
The power lasting effect was proved through testing of blemish cover, colour cover, and anti-darkening. Thin and clean covered healthy skin lasts 24 hours.

Moist adhesion and cover
The cooling effect of MENTHA AQUATICA EXTRACT reduces skin temperature, calms skin irritated by external temperature, and covers pores increased by heat. Apply the ESSENCE POWER HOLDING SYSTEM to instantly give a strong moisturizing effect, making it moist adhesion. Two sizes of 250nm & 100nm powder create a cleanly covered skin.

0.00 hypoallergenic, skin care efficacy, SPF 50+ PA++++ UV protection to take care of both the outside and inside of the skin
It contains 10,000 PPM of fresh CENTELLA ASIATICA EXTRACT extracted within 2 days of harvest, MENTHA AQUATICA EXTRACT that calms skin and covers pores due to heat stimulation, and 8 peptides that help improve wrinkles and whitening. 0.00 hypoallergenic ingredients that have been tested for coral reef friendship, allergen-free flavouring, and skin irritation. SPF 50+ PA++++ protects the outside of your skin, so you can use it for long outdoor activities with confidence.

Expertise Vegan Europe certification
The vegan cushion, which achieved the vegan certification from France Eve Vegan.

Power pink cushion and dew puff
Inspired by AMUSE's signature DEW, the dewdrop-shaped puff meticulously covers even skin curves and enhances adhesion.

Shade Details:

  • #01 PURE: Pink beige.
  • #1.5 NATURAL: Natural beige.
  • #02 HEALTHY: Neutral beige.
  • #03 HONEY: Neutral nude beige.
  • #04 TAN: Neutral medium beige.

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