Amino Mason Moist Whip Cream Shampoo 2nd 超级氨基酸滋润修复型洗发第二代

  • $23.99

Amino Mason Moist Whip Cream Shampoo is made with a proprietary Super Amino Acids Complex Formula. This non-silicon shampoo works well on normal to dry hair and scalp, plus damaged hair, too. It has a white rose bouquet fragrance that works effectively in cleansing the hair and scalp while repairing damage and balancing moisture levels with its frothy texture that foams up like whipped cream, protecting hair from friction. You get 18 kinds of amino acids that help with hydration and repairing damage while the combination of avocado oil, cherimoya extract, milk protein, raw silk, raw keratin protein, and raw collagen help with repair and reinforcing strands. It also helps with hydration thanks to pearl protein, Manuka honey, mango oil, and almond oil it contains.
Recommended for
Normal to dry & damaged hair.