Albion Brightening Immaculate Serum 1.5mlx28days NEW 澳尔滨28天密集强效美白精华新版

  • $319.99
It's breathtakingly bright. A whitening essence that gives you a feeling of transparency and gives your skin a fine and firm texture. Contains kojic acid, an active whitening ingredient.

It penetrates into every corner of the skin, suppresses the production of melanin, prevents blemishes and freckles, and leads to clear and bright skin. With a mellow and rich texture, it blends into the skin, giving it rich moisture and making the skin plump and firm.

它亮得令人窒息。 一种美白精华,让您有透明感,让您的皮肤质地细腻紧致。 含有曲酸,一种活性美白成分。
它渗透到皮肤的每一个角落,抑制黑色素的产生,防止瑕疵和雀斑,使皮肤清晰明亮。 质地醇厚丰富,与肌肤融为一体,赋予肌肤丰富的水分,令肌肤丰盈紧致。