AB Single Eyetape Yellow 睡眠记忆双眼皮贴80枚

  • $12.99
AB 睡眠记忆双眼皮贴80枚
日本DEAR LAURA AB超自然隐形无痕双眼皮贴80枚入

Double Eyelid Cosmetics. Easy, Quick-Drying and Gentle! Apply makeup directly over glue!

Wipe your eyelids to ensure you're using it with clean bare skin!

Find the lines that will help you make double eyelids easily. Don't get greedy with the double eyelids' width!

Apply thinly, so that the double eyelid lines you want to make come towards the center, and so that the Double Eye Liquid doesn't get uneven

Wait 2–3 minutes until the surface has lightly dried.

Before it dried completely, use the included stick to trace the double eyelid lines you want to make and gently hold them in place...

Open your eyes slowly and remove the stick

The result will look even more natural if you hold down the inner edges.