Amino Mason Limited Sakura Moist 樱花限定洗护保湿修复型

  • $46.99
清幽淡雅,洗发水和护发素各450ml。期间限定,数量限定! 无硅油、无硫酸盐、无矿物油,无合成染色料,无石油系洁面活性剂。独家研发开发的超级氨基酸角蛋白和18种氨基酸保湿成分。填满受损发丝空洞,补给秀发所需氨基酸,打造水润健康秀发。采用柠檬,覆盘子等含有丰富维他命的水果,再搭配牛奶。打造有韧性健康的美丽秀发。

Amino Mason Limited Sakura Moist has a blend of 23 botanical oils repairs cuticles and protects hair from dryness. It is a light weight oil that absorbs well into the hair to prevent frizz and make hair more manageable without being sticky or oily. Can be used on both wet or dray hair.
Recommended for
Dry to normal hair. 
If you have oily hair, we recommend you use the SMOOTH series.