Amino Mason Seasonal Collection SARUKA Moist 氨基研樱花季节限定超温和保湿洗护套装

  • $47.99

Sakura sets are here! This time the boxed sets include a hair mask. Enjoy the same incredible Amino Mason formula in a seasonal exclusive Sakura design and fragrance!

- Limited haircare set with mini mask pack of "Deep Moist" series that is particular about moisture.

- Prescribes "Milk Cream Blend", which contains a uniquely developed ingredient "Super Amino Acid" and a naturally derived hair beauty ingredient.

- Repairs by supporting the penetration of moisture inside each hair. Even after rinsing, the hair is wrapped in a moisturizing veil, leading to moist and glossy hair up to the tips.

- The scent of a spring-only cherry blossom bouquet.

Set includes

Amino Mason Moist Cream Shampoo Sakura Edition 450ml

Amino Mason Moist Cream Treatment (Conditioner) Sakura Edition 450ml

Amino Mason Moist Hair Mask Pack Sakura Edition 100g