Cotton Labo Organic Cotton Puff 200pc 白元天然有机栽培纯棉化妆棉200片

  • $7.99

培植三年的有机棉花, 不适用任何农药和化肥。没有漂白处理!您可以完全放心的用在您的肌肤上。

棉花没有经过任何化学处理,天  然的有    机棉花是带有淡淡的黄色的。化妆棉中的“杂质”是棉花的一部分,“小点点”是棉花中的棉籽!


化妆棉很重要, 好的化妆棉不刮皮肤,而且可以让你更省保养品的用量,并且发挥保养卸妆品更大的效果。

Organic cotton cultivated for three years does not apply any pesticides and fertilizers. No bleaching treatment! You can use it on your skin with complete confidence.

The cotton has not undergone any chemical treatment, and the natural organic cotton has a light yellow color. The "impurities" in cotton pads are part of cotton, and the "little dots" are the cotton seeds in cotton!

This cotton pad can be torn into layers, and can be divided into 3-4 layers. The biggest advantage of this cotton is that it is compliant and saves toners~

Cotton pads are very important. A good cotton pad does not scratch the skin, and it can save you the amount of skin care products and give you a greater effect of maintaining makeup removers.