CLAYGE Shampoo&Treatment DN Set Clayge限量套装DN

  • $37.99
CLAYGE Shampoo&Treatment set with mini iron.

CLAYGE is formulated with ingredients to improve both hair and scalp environment. This D series is recommended for ruly hair types. Finish is hydrated.

- Ginger extract gently warms and relaxes scalp and menthol firms the scalp for healthier a hair environment
- Bentonite clay absorbs impurities from the scalp
- Hydrolyzed keratin and Baobab seed oil hydrates, repairs and adds shine to the hair
- Baobab, Jojoba, Argan and Marula oil with Manuka honey replenish the scalp and hair with essential vitamins and     amino acids
- Provides intense damage care
Fragrance of White Savon:
Top: Apple, Cassis Middle: Rose, Jasmine, Muguet Last: Savon

Clayge 修复洗护套装 + 迷你直板夹
规格: 500ml + 500 ml
保护头皮 - 吸除头皮及毛孔中多余的油脂污垢充分保湿水润,保持健康头皮环境
温冷效果 - 精油及蜂蜜精华,还原滋润服帖的水润光泽发质
柔顺秀发 - 角蛋白修护成分、水解蛋白丝,修护受损发质滋润秀发,赋予头发水润和营养,打造柔润光泽的发丝