LEC Gekiochi Sesqui Cleaning Liquid 400ml 电解水强力去污除菌消臭喷雾

  • $5.99
Sesqui is an alkaline substance with high detergency.
We are refining and making natural "trona ore", a natural material that is kind to the earth.
Sessuki is a material that is kind to the earth and gentle for the skin to prevent rough hands.
∙ Removes dirt from oil and sebum more strongly with 10 times the alkaline power of baking soda.

■ Sterilization + deodorization
Sterilization is possible at a high pH value
Ion of water decomposes dirt

■No need to wipe twice!
For kitchen oil stains, stains on hands and tars, baby products, and pet products.
No surfactant used.