NAKAYAMASHIKI Back&Waist Supporter Regular M 腰椎医学中号

  • $62.99
  • Increase elevated intra-abdominal pressure supports backbone
  • Breathable, original mesh lightweight materials will not irritate skin
  • Adjusteable auxiliary belt for custom level od support and fit
  • Special artifical spft bone insert provides increased support
How to use
  • Position backa and waist support brace arpund the center of lower back, and hold both sides of the brace
  • Wrap left hand side of the belt over abdominal area, then wrap right hand side securing the hook-and-loop fastner
  • Stretch and adjust auxiliary belt to your desired tightness, and wrap it around your waist
  • Small- waist 60~80cm
  • Medium- waist 70~90cm
  • Large- waist 90~100cm